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The Law of Maritime, Air & Road Transport

Vella Advocates’ clients can rely on the advice of specialists having more than 15 years’ experience in this area. We have advised, assisted and represented various international and local clients, including banks, financiers, shipping, aviation and other transport companies that own and, or operate such assets, as well as government bodies, on diverse issues including: sale and purchase transactions; registration of transport assets and security interests thereon; leases, charterparties and other contracts relating to the use and employment of transport assets; enforcement of claims (wet, dry and general debt claims); labour law; taxation; customs procedures; agency and management structures and operations; port and airport activities including passenger-handling. We also advise on EU law relating to this area, and we have assisted State authorities in the drafting of legislation.

Corporate & Finance Law

Our practice extends to all aspects of corporate and finance law. On the purely corporate side we are able to provide advice on company incorporation, listing on the Malta Stock Exchange and corporate structuring. We also handle mergers and acquisitions, including take-overs and share transfers and provide bespoke advice on various matters such as shareholders’ rights, directors’ duties and corporate governance.

Vella Advocates also enjoys a strong tradition in the area of finance, providing advice and other services such as assistance in relation to the licensing of credit and financial institutions, collective investment schemes, retirement schemes and securitisation vehicles. We are also fully geared to provide advice and assistance (including carrying out due diligence procedures, drafting of documentation and registration of security interests) on specific deals in relation to asset, corporate, project and structured finance and securities transactions.

A full range of corporate and trusts services, including set-up, administration, accountancy and advisory, is provided to our clients through the Credence Group of Companies ( which is affiliated to Vella Advocates.

International Law & The Law of The Sea

Over the past decade we have provided advice to various entities, including governments and government departments, on issues concerning marine space jurisdiction and management, including offshore prospecting, fisheries, maritime security, nationality, coastal waters management and flag State responsibilities. We have also been involved in the drafting of legislation in this area.

Energy & Environmental Law

Although we are able to furnish advice on most aspects of energy law (including power-purchase agreements and related finance and structured arrangements) and environmental law, our main areas of focus relate to energy prospecting and related environmental issues in the marine environment. We also have significant experience in relation to the set-up, finance and commissioning of green energy projects, including wind, biomass and solar.


With the introduction of the Anti-Money laundering Directive, compliance has become one of the most important sectors in today’s business world. Vella Advocates advises clients on matters relating to statutory and internal compliance measures, training to personnel to ensure wide knowledge of their responsibilities under the relevant laws, and to assist in the drafting of compliance and anti-money laundering policies, procedures and manuals.

International Trade Law

This has been one of the mainstays of our legal practice, principally with regard to the international sale and purchase of commodities, including agro-commodities. We are well-positioned to advise clients on the terms of the sale contracts and the related finance transactions and to provide all auxiliary services in this regard.

General Commercial Practice Including Construction, Real Estate & Public Procurement

Our services in this area of practice extend to contract review and advice in respect thereof, contract drafting, contract negotiation, dispute resolution and regulatory compliance. We have also built a solid reputation in assisting our clients with major real estate projects, particularly in the hospitality sector. We have represented our clients both in the acquisition and in the development/ construction phases of the respective projects.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Law

Over the past 8 years we have assisted and advised our clients (in the main part major pharmaceutical multinationals) in navigating the regulatory issues concerning the marketing and distribution of their pharmaceutical products as well as the placing of the same on the official government formulary list.

Sports & Entertainment Law

We are asked by our clients to provide the contractual framework and the related advice (including tax advice) for the engagement of athletes and performers and for third party ownership of resulting economic rights. We are also able to provide representation services to athletes and performers who wish to negotiate such arrangements.

Yachts - Private and Commercial

Clients may benefit from the expertise of our team in the area of yacht registration, importation and finance. Our team advises clients whether they are owners, charterers, financiers or builders of motor yachts on any of these matters. We assist clients with private and commercial yacht registration, registration of mortgages on yachts, yacht lease structures, and yacht importation into EU territorial waters, and contractual advice and drafting on transactions involving yachts.

The related set-up of shipping companies, administration thereof, accountancy and advisory may also be provided to our clients through our affiliated licensed corporate service provider, Credence Corporate and Advisory Services.